Equipment Rental Policies Care & Cleaning of Equipment

All rentals are made with the understanding that normal wear and tear is included in the rental rate. However, any damage from misuse or improper care will be charged for. Our rental rate structure anticipates all equipment being returned clean or additional charges will be made.


With proper application and approval, a credit account may be arranged. Terms are net 30 days from invoice date. Interest will be charged on all delinquent accounts at a periodic rate of 1 1/2% per month, which is 18% per/annum. Any invoice questions must be registered within 2 days of receipt of the invoice. To submit a credit application to CQV Rental, please e-mail ([email protected]).


Deposits are required for any item rented unless credit has been established in advance. Deposit can be paid for with an approved credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We currently do not accept prepaid credit cards, cash or checks for deposits.

Equipment Protection Insurance

As an added service we offer an Equipment Protection Insurance. This covers the rental equipment against “Accidental Damage”. It is an additional percentage of the gross rental. This does not cover misuse, loss of any kind, tyre damage, theft, or neglect. CQV Rental retains the right to refuse equipment protection plan coverage. The Equipment Protection Plan is not insurance. As per the insurance company's policy, the purchase of the Equipment Protection Plan is required on high liability items which includes trailers, items rented with one of our trailers, items mounted to a trailer set-up and trucks.

Flat Tyres, Hydraulic Lines, Tracks

Before operating rental equipment, check the jobsite for debris or terrain that could cause damage to tyres, tracks, or hydraulic lines. In most instances, damage to tyres, tracks, or hydraulic lines are caused by conditions on the job site and as such payment for the repairs is considered the responsibility of the customer. In the event of a flat tyre, the customer can call a tyre repair company of their choice or CQV Rental can call a tyre repair company on behalf of the customer, cost to be paid by customer.

Operating Condition of Equipment

In the event that the equipment you've rented is not operating as it should or has a problem, please contact the location you rented the equipment from immediately. Continuing to run equipment in such a manner can cause excess wear, tear, and damage and result in extra time spent attempting to complete your project. Please help us take care of our equipment and help you get your project done properly. If you do not call to inform us of the problem with the equipment and wait to inform us when you return the equipment when it is scheduled to be due, you may be held responsible for the full cost of the rental and potential damages for repair costs.

Fuel & Merchandise

All equipment requiring use of fuel is sent out with a full tank. Customers may choose to refuel equipment prior to returning it to us or elect to have us refuel the machines at the appropriate cost.

Identification & Insurance

When renting equipment CQV Rental requires identification on all rentals as follows: driver's license. Proof of insurance may be required on specific items to be rented.


It is always a good idea to reserve the rental item in advance. All reservations will be held for limited periods. Some reservations require a non refundable deposit. Some seasonal items may only be available to reserve at the store's opening time. All locations may not have all rental items in stock. Most can be transferred to the nearest location for your convenience with an advance reservation and deposit.

OverDue Returns

Rented equipment is considered overdue if not returned by the due date and time listed on the rental contract.

Rental Days & Prices

A rental day is 24 hours, except on heavy equipment. Equipment is charged for time out, not time used. Overtime will be charged at the industry standard rate of one-sixth the daily rate per overtime hour unless otherwise instructed. Heavy equipment allows 8- hours maximum meter time per 24-hour day or 40 hours maximum per week. Any hours over these limits will be prorated. Please email or call the closest location for current rental prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Weekend Rental Rates

Rental rates are generally charged based on the amount of time the equipment is out, not time used. However, when the store is closed on Sunday, equipment picked between 12:00 PM and 4 PM and returned on the following Monday by 9 AM will be charged 1 day. Equipment picked up after 4 PM on Saturday and returned Monday by 9 AM will be charged at a rate of 1 day. A similar rate structure would apply when we are closed for in observance of holidays.

Overnight Rates

In order to qualify for an overnight rate, you must pick up the equipment during the last hour of business and return it during the first hour of business the following day.

Authorised Agents

Customers may send authorised agents to rent equipment on their behalf. Your authorised agent must 18 years-of-age or older per our insurance companies policies. If you have not arranged for prepayment of the deposit prior to the rental, your authorised agent must use their personal credit or debit card to pay the deposit. In the event, you have not rented from us before; we ask that you set up the rental ahead of time in person at one of our stores for identification purposes. Once you have been set up in our system, you may call with a credit to prepay the deposit and set up the rental for your authorised agent to pick up.

Towing Requirements

Our insurance carrier establishes our minimum towing requirements for our rental trailers and equipment. Based upon information provided by insurance sources indicating a high correlation in accidents/claims involving short wheelbase tow vehicles and tandem axle trailers CQV Rental, Inc. must use the following guidelines: Tandem axle trailers, including tow dollies, require a tow vehicle with a minimum wheel base of 133 inches. The wheelbase measurement being made between the front and rear axle centres. This will also apply to towed equipment and trailers with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) in excess of 2000 lbs. In addition some larger/heavier trailers will require a 3/4 ton or larger chassis.

Hitch Requirements:

An adequate hitch is also necessary. For tandem axle trailers, all trailers and towed equipment greater than 3500 lb. GVWR, a minimum, class 3, receiver type hitch is required. Except, where a "factory" mounted step bumper, having the proper ball, has a rating beyond the requirement, and is of the proper height (15 to 18 in.). A hitch or bumper (factory mfg.) is rated to its' capacity, not that of the vehicle, which may be less. A single piece, solid, machined ball, with proper shank diameter must be used. Bushings to increase the shank size should not be used. CQV Rental. reserves the right to decline the use of any vehicle we feel may not be appropriate.  It is the customer responsibility to ensure rear tail lighting for stop and direction must be operational on all trailers.

Delivery Policies

Call ahead to make arrangements to have one of our truck drivers deliver the equipment right to you a cost will be incurred. Our drivers also take the time to show the basic operating functions of the equipment before heading off on their next run. Delivery charges are subject to change and in many cases based on the distance the delivery site is from the store. Please call you nearest CQV Rental store to confirm the cost of delivery to your area. Rental rates on delivered equipment are a minimum 1-day charge. Customer must call store to request pick-up of equipment. CQV Rental does not automatically pick up equipment when the rental is scheduled to end. Failure to call store for pick up on time will result in additional charges for rental of the equipment based on the time the equipment was out on hire.


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