Commissioning is an activity at the end of construction and often left too late or planned purely to execute paperwork.  This approach has been shown to fail over and over and extends the completion phase and increases the Budget beyond planned limits. Many clients are put in this ‘must finish’ scenario and must carry the costs.

The typical response is get more ‘bodies’ but the core issues do not change and those on the job are pressed harder to achieve miniscule gains.

As the project falls into a blame culture the objective is lost further as remedial plan after plan is attempted.

Before that happens the numerous opportunities to plan for start up should be implemented and reviewed and the construction activity should be  supervised to achieve a complete handover.  This is where experienced team players can identify, plan changes and monitor the specific tasks to achieve an early and effective startup.

CQVTEAM is dedicated to achieving client goals and can give the level of confidence that no construction company can.  Get in touch now and see how !

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Focused on providing consulting services and solutions for the medical device, pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries across all sectors, Engineering, Commissioning, Validation, Quality , Remediation and Compliance.


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